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Works List


Skyscape (2002) was commissioned by Neil Thornock during June 2002 for its national premiere performance at the Annual Congress of The Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. This piece is published by the GCNA (2008).


Speculations (2003), a three-movement work for Carillon, was commissioned and performed by Neil Thornock, July 10, 2003 and was premiered at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Spokane, WA. This piece is published by the GCNA (2008).



Rememberings (1997) for cello and piano premiered at the Lee Law Library, Brigham Young University, at the inaugural “First Friday” recital, by the Drinkall-Baker Duo, September 1997. Commissioned and recorded by Sanctus Records, 1998.


“5” (1969) for French Horn and String Quartet, received its premiere performance in Utah by the Group for New Music in March of 2006 in the Madsen Recital Hall at BYU.


Conversations (1995), a three-movement piece for cello and piano duo, was premiered by the Drinkall-Baker Duo, November 1995. The following summer, the duo performed this work as part of their tour to Bolivia. Recorded by Tantara Recordings.


Expansions (1980) for solo percussion

Five Sketches

Five Sketches for Brass Quintet (1996) was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music composition at Brigham Young University. It was written for the Eastman Brass in 1996.


Gestures (2001), a three-movement work for solo violin, solo viola, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, viola, and cello was commissioned by Igor and Vesna Gruppman in August of 2001. It was commissioned for the April 2002 Contemporary Music Festival at the Moscow Conservatory, Moscow, Russia. The three movements are entitled: Impatience, Disparate, and Exuberant.


Images (1982), a three-movement work for solo tuba, brass, and percussion, was commissioned by Dr. Cherry Beauregard of the Eastman Brass, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York. Beauregard and the full brass and percussion sections of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra gave the premiere performance in September 1982 at Kilbourne Hall in Rochester, New York.


Intarsia (1989), a solo for trombone with brass and percussion, was performed by John Marcellus with the Eastman Brass Guild and percussion in Kilbourne Hall at the Eastman School of Music in March of 2006.

Interlude for Clarinets

In 2008 I arranged and reconstructed Interlude for Eight Violas for clarinet choir to be performed by Ensemble de Clarinettes de Toulouse.

Interlude for Eight Violas

Interlude for Eight Violas, commissioned for the 1979 International Viola Congress, and premiered by the Southern California Viola Ensemble. This piece was composed using traditional and indeterminate (old and new) notation practices in the same piece of music.


Kaleidoscope (2007) for oboe, bassoon, and piano trio received its world premiere performance by the Sundance Trio during the 2007 International Double Reed Society Convention at Whalen Hall, Ithaca School of Music, Ithaca, New York on June 12, 2007. It has recently been recorded on the Centaur label.


Movimentato (1973), four short movements for solo bassoon

Oboe Sonata #1

Oboe Sonata #1 (1980), a three-movement work for oboe and piano

Two’s Company

Two’s Company (1995), a violin and cello duo was commissioned by Mark Taylor of the Kansas City Conservatory, and was premiered by him and Trilla Ray in March of 1995 at the Conservatory.

Bless the Lord


Bless the Lord (2002), for a cappella choir (SATB), was commissioned by the Utah Baroque Ensemble as part of the 2002 Cultural Olympiad Concert Series. It was also performed by the BYU University Singers, directed by Dr. Ronald Staheli, as they toured the eastern United States and Canada.

Come, Come Ye Saints (SATB)

Come, Come Ye Saints (2001), arranged for a cappella choir (SATB), was commissioned in 2001 by the Utah Baroque Ensemble for their tour in Germany. It was performed at the dedication of the Karl G. Maesar statue in Dresden, Germany.

O Clap Your Hands


O Clap Your Hands (2008), for a cappella choir (SATB) was premiered by the Utah Baroque Ensemble in 2008 on a tour through Italy. This piece, based on Psalm 47 is short, upbeat, and triumphant!

Our Father Which Art in Heaven


Our Father Which Art in Heaven (2019) for SATB, adapted from my oratorio which is entitled From the Sermons of Jesus Christ, commissioned by BYU-Idaho.

Praise Ye Him


Praise Ye Him (2005), for a cappella choir (SATB) and Cello, was commissioned by the Utah Baroque Ensemble and was premiered at the August 2005 International Kodaly Music Education Conference at the University of Leicester, Leicester, England, along with other performances in England and Wales. Other performances include the All Saints Church, Swansea, Wales; Bath Abbey, Bath, England; Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Stratford, England; Leicester Stake Center Fireside, Leicester, England; and the Saint Paul Cathedral, London, England.

Quarterly Report


Quarterly Report (1984), for chamber choir and piano with poetry written by Elaine Monson Craig, was commissioned by Dr. Ronald Staheli, and premiered at Brigham Young University, March 1985, in the DeJong Concert Hall by the BYU University Singers. This piece was written as a tribute to George Crumb.

Come, Come Ye Saints (SSAA)

Come, Come Ye Saints (1998), arranged for a cappella choir (SSAA), for the Utah Children’s Choir, was commissioned by its director, Kay Asay, for the choir’s performances in Italy. The premiere performance was in Florence, with other performances in Florence and Rome.



Mirth (2001), a piece for advanced children’s chorus or women’s chorus (SSAA), was premiered in March 2001 at Gardiner Hall at the University of Utah. The following day, Sunday, it was performed on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s “Music and the Spoken Word” by a choir of 350 children selected from California and Utah.

As a Shepherd Seeketh Out His Flock


As a Shepherd Seeketh Out His Flock (2018). A Cappella TTBB

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind (1993), a three-movement work for Roland HP2700 Digital Piano, premiered in April 1993 at Brigham Young University in a concert of the Group for New Music. This work was premiered on a Yamaha Disklavier so the audience could watch the “keyboard choreography.”


Transformations (1994), a work for disklavier or midi-piano, was written for a concert of new music in honor of Merrill Bradshaw at the time of his retirement and premiered in February 1994 at Brigham Young University.

A Child is Born in Bethlehem (Guitar)

A Child is Born in Bethlehem (1997), variations on the traditional Christmas carol for classical guitar, was commissioned and performed by Lawrence Green at BYU and at the Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City in 1997.

At the River


At the River (1998), an arrangement for classical guitar, was commissioned by Sanctus Recordings for their Nauvoo album in 1998, performed by Lawrence Green (BYU Artist Faculty) at Temple Square, Brigham Young University, and the Springville Museum of Art.

We Give Thee But Thine Own


We Give Thee But Thine Own (1996), a single-movement theme and variation arrangement for classical guitar, was premiered by Lawrence Green in performances at the Springville Art Museum, BYU, and the Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City in 1996. It was commissioned and recorded by Sanctus Records.


Millennium (2003) was cvommissioned by Prof. Eric Hansen, Director of the BYU Symphony Orchestra, for performance in their December 2003 concert in the DeJong Concert Hall, Brigham Young University.

A Child is Born in Bethlehem (Organ)

A Child is Born in Bethlehem (2001), an arrangement of a 14th Century Carol for organ, was performed in Zurich, Tamins, and Chur, Switzerland during the first week of December 2001 by Dr. Douglas Bush of the BYU Artist Faculty.


Intuitions for Organ (1993) was commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition and premiered in August 1993 in the DeJong Concert Hall at BYU by Dr. Don Cook of Brigham Young University's Performance Faculty at the Workshop for Church Music.

Prelude and Fugue in C♯ minor

Prelude and Fugue in C♯ minor (1982) for organ was commissioned and performed by Dr. Douglas Bush on an extensive European tour.


Recollections (1980), a work for organ and trumpet combining contemporary and baroque music concepts, was commissioned and performed by Dr. Douglas Bush at the Provo Tabernacle, the Mormon Tabernacle and Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City, North Texas State University, and on a European tour.


Remembrances (1984), for solo organ, was commissioned by the Friends of the Nieder-moos Organ, Nieder-moos, Germany. It was performed in Nieder-moos, Munich, Kiel, Luneberg, and Augsberg, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Basil and Bern, Switzerland; and Strasburg, France; by Dr. Douglas Bush of the BYU Performance Faculty during his 1984 European concert tour.

Sonata for the Church

Sonata for the Church (1997), for organ and cello, in neo-baroque style, was performed and professionally recorded in Dornheim, Germany during May 2007 by Dr. Douglas Bush and Nathan Jasinski. Dr. Bush commissioned Sonata for the Church and, along with Dr. Jasinski, gave its world premiere performance in November 1997 in Tacoma, Washington and later at Brigham Young University.

Three Moments for Organ

Three Moments for Organ (1970), a three-movement organ solo, was performed by Marcos Kriegger at the State, Regional, and National MTNA Collegiate Organ Competitions, winning 1st place at the State and Regional levels and 3rd place at the National level (January, February, and April 1993.)

Collage (Sky Scape)


Collage (Sky Scape) (1986), for solo piano, was commissioned jointly by the UMEA and MTNA for Benedetto Lupo, bronze medalist for the 1986 Gina Bachauer international Piano Competition.

Five Piano Preludes


This collection of Five Piano Preludes range in styles from traditional to impressionistic.

Musings on Chopin


Musings on Chopin (1998), a single-movement work, was commissioned by KBYU for Stella Simakova, a world-renowned Russian pianist, to commemorate Chopin’s 150th birthday.

Scott Holden, who also performed and recorded this piece, wrote the following about it in his concert’s program notes:

“Musings on Chopin was commissioned in 1998 by KBYU-TV for pianist Stella Simakova to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Chopin’s death in 1849. Sargent masterfully fuses this chopinesque waltz into the language of the late-20th Century. The music leaps jarringly between the style of Chopin and Sargent’s pungently radiant sonority. This new sonority returns again and again, like a spectral visitor; the new confronting the old in a conversation that spans 150 yeas that separate these composers. The two languages are ultimately reconciled as equal partners in the poignant coda of the piece.”

You can find his recording of Musings here:

The Raising of Lazarus

The Raising of Lazarus (2004), a work for piano, was commissioned by Glen Nelson for the Mormoniana Project in New York City, 2004. It was a commission that had to musically describe a painting by a Mormon artist. Dr. Sargent chose a work by Bruce Smith (BYU Professor of Art) entitled “The Raising of Lazarus.” It has been professionally recorded by Grant Johannesen. Dr. Sargent was one of sixteen LDS composers chosen for this project. The Raising of Lazarus appears as one of 16 scores in a publication with a CD entitled Mormoniana, along with the pictures of each of the paintings.

Two Sketches for Piano


Two Sketches for Piano (2000) was written and premiered in 2001 at Weber State University, in Ogden, Utah, for Dr. Sargent’s daughter’s senior piano recital.


Contrasts (1982), a two-movement work for symphonic band, was commissioned by the Jackson, Ohio Commissioning Project for the Jackson High School Symphonic Band. It was premiered in April of 1982 in Jackson, Ohio. The mayor and city council designated the week of the performance as David H. Sargent Week in Jackson, Ohio.

Dove Gray Evening

Dove Gray Evening (1985), for mezzo-soprano and piano, a winner of the 1985 North/South Consonance Call for Compositions, New York City. Its national premiere was at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, Lincoln Center for the performing Arts, New York City, October 1985, by Mary Ann Hart and Max Lifchitz.

In Burning Vision: Sonnets on Joseph Smith

In Burning Vision: Sonnets on Joseph Smith (2005), a twenty-minute, five-movement song cycle, commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition, written for tenor (Dr. Lawrence Vincent) and piano (Dr. Scott Holden) as part of the School of Music’s Celebration Series for the Prophet Joseph Smith’s 200th birthday. This was premiered on December 23, 2005, in the Madsen Recital Hall, at Brigham Young University.


Excursions (1985), a two-movement work for wind symphony and percussion, commissioned by Dr. David Blackinton and the BYU Wind Symphony, was premiered at the 1985 College Band Directors National Association Convention at the University of Colorado. It is recorded on the Silver Crest label of Golden Crest Records.

Interior Windows

Interior Windows (2000) for wind ensemble was commissioned by Dr. Jack Delaney, conductor of the Southern Methodist University Wind Ensemble. The world premiere was in February 2000 in Dallas, Texas.

Millennium II

Millennium II (2003) for wind ensemble received its world premiere by the Meadows Wind Ensemble, Southern Methodist University, conducted and commissioned by Dr. Jack L. Delaney in Caruth Hall, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas in September 2004.


Mosaics (1977), a four-movement work for a 25-piece wind ensemble and 6-8 modern dancers, was commissioned by Ronald P. Socciarelli and the Ohio University Wind Ensemble and Temple University’s professional Great Chazy Dance Company. It was recorded by Golden Crest Record Co. in 1977 on their Silver Crest Label as part of the 1977 College Band Directors National Association Convention, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.


Spectrums (1979), for wind symphony and percussion, was composed in 1979 as a gift to Dr. Ronald P. Socciarelli and the Ohio University Wind Ensemble for the 175th Anniversary and Founders Day Celebration of Ohio University. A delegation of dignitaries sent by President Jimmy Carter was on campus for the event.